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Our Breakfast Menu

Included in your room rate we offer a different fresh breakfast everyday that generally has a European flavour with a touch of the islands. What ever is in season or available fresh. We make fresh baked goods and we always grind our coffee beans. Breakfast is served around 8:30 AM in the kitchenette area Guest can wander in and out of their room, sit at the table or on the deck and enjoy the morning sun. If you prefer we can deliver it to your room with a cheery wake-up call. You tell us the time.

Please let us know of any allergies that may be of concern.

We enjoy food, maybe a little more than we should, but we believe good food and drink is essential for a good day! For your convenience bottled water and various pop and ice is in the refrigerator, tea, hot apple cider and various other goodies of the day. One dollar per item.

Enjoy our fresh ground coffee and breakfast with the morning sun

Drink in a glass it tastes better, food shouldn't be eaten out of a cardboard box. We have designed our Kitchen to be friendly and inviting and have provided the following glasses and cutlery to be used at your convenience.Bring some of your own prepared foods and have yourself a picnic in our friendly kitchen

  • Drinking glasses (not plastic)
  • Coffee Mugs Various
  • Plates and bowls
  • Don’t chew your cork off. We have a corkscrew
  • Drink that wine in a wine glass
  • Can opener/bottle opener for import beers
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster
  • Feel free to put some of your own items in the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine we have glasses and a cork screwIf you have any questions or needs we are just downstairs and will be glad to help you. Email Pete&Linda any comments or questions you my have.

Dinner menu for groups of four to six, ask us for details.

"Fine dining pajama party"
Three couples, no kids, private dining, a multi course meal that lingers for a few hours, fine wine, exclusive service, good conversation, many laughs, no driving, nice bed, get lucky, casual fresh breakfast, and
back to reality.
Starting at $135 per person.
Ask for details

minimum two couples.

Quotes from past customers.

Dear Pete & Linda:
Thanks for everything! This was our first B&B experience and it was just awesome! The place is Gorgeous, especially all the woodwork & detailing! Its so much nicer to stay somewhere where you can see the extra effort put into the decor & the service Amazing breakfast & we've never slept in a more comfy bed! Thank you again for this amazing experience; we will definitely try to return! God bless & the best to you two and your beautiful family!"
Real & Serena






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