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Enjoy a beautiful trip to Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario Pete & Linda's Links to local night life, events, festivals, museums, arts and entertainment in Sudbury
Some of our latest Photos of guests and notes of what's been going on at the Artisan Upstairs Guesthouse
If your heading to Manitoulin Island, Manitoulin Time is a great site for info. Also checkout Fred's Camp

Manitoulin Time & Fred's Camp

Manitoulin is a site dedicated and designed for people who are planning a trip to Manitoulin Island, and would like to make travel arrangements, and contact some of the local business's.This site includes as many links known, or can be found, that pertain to a visit to Manitoulin Island.

Artisan Upstairs Guesthouse recommended for nice cottage accommodations check out Fred's Camp. Open for Winter and Summer cottage rentals.
Snowmobiling, fishing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, enjoy winters natural beauty.

Located in the center of Manitoulin island Fred's Camp is a great location for family day trips to anywhere on the Island. Take a trip on the Kagawong Monster !

Accommodations Fungus Shop Manitoulin Island

Accommodation and Boat ride


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