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Sunset on one of the Sudbury Areas 300 lakes Pete & Linda's Links to local night life, events, festivals, museums, arts and entertainment in Sudbury
Some of our latest Photos of guests and notes of what's been going on at the Artisan Upstairs Guesthouse
If your heading to Manitoulin Island, Manitoulin Time is a great site for info. Also checkout Fred's Camp

Pete’s & Linda’s Events and Sudbury Night Life Info

The following places and events are very close to the the Artisan-UpStairs Guesthouse
bed and breakfast, and can be easily reached by walking for 15 to 20 minutes or taking a taxi for under ten dollars. The info presented is from our own opinion and the local reputation of the establishment. When you arrive ask about any particular type of food your craving and we will try to steer you in the right direction.


Walking distance from the Artisan Upstairs Guesthouse

  • Any convention or event at the Sudbury Arena or in the Down Town Area.
  • Any event at Bell Park: Northern Lights festival, Dragon Boat Races, Summer fest.
  • Sudbury Theatre Center. Curling at the Carmichael Arena.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to help with your plans to
Sudbury & Northern Ontario

Pete’s and Linda’s Restaurant info Guide

We hope this will help serve as a basic guideline so you my make a satisfying informed decision. Bon-appetite!

Fine Dining:

Alexandria’s Restaurant:
211 Shaughnessy st 688-1453
Mohammad the chef and owner have a varied menu he is influenced by his Egyptian heritage and can create many spicy dishes.
Price is moderate to high.
Ten-minute walk, three-minute drive or six-dollar taxi ride.

Pasta E Vino Ristorante:
118 Paris st 674-3050
Frank the chef and owner has a menu of authentic Italian cuisine. The tomato sauce prepared by Ilda is the best. Anything from the menu is good depending on your taste. I worked there personally for eight years and the food is prepared fresh with quality.
If you’re looking for a meal that will sit in your stomach like a home cooked meal this is a great place.
Price mostly moderate to high. Ask for Tracy
Fifteen-minute walk, four-minute drive or six-dollar taxi ride.

Respect is Burning
82 Durham st 675-5777
Trendy downtown restaurant that serves good quality Italian cuisine.
Price mostly moderate
Fifteen-minute walk, five-minute drive or seven-dollar taxi ride.

More casual Places:

The Dog House
212 Romanet Ln 675-2275
A tiny sports bar with a friendly atmosphere cheap beer and grub are the order of the day. Located across from the Sudbury Arena a great place to sneak away.
Ten-minutes walk, four-minute drive or six-dollar taxi ride.

Behind Alexandria’s Restaurant
Town House Tavern
This place has a long history in Sudbury. Beatnik University crowed that could have good live acts. Live Music at The Town House
Ten-minutes walk, four-minute drive or six-dollar taxi ride.

Laughing Buddha
194 Elgin st 673-2112
A little place a few doors down from the Town House. They have an intimate interior and unique patio offering the perfect setting for a lunchtime getaway, relaxing dinner or late night gathering. There is always good music in the air, and an appealing assortment of imported and domestic beer. There will be occasional live music, so keep your eye on the special events page... and also watch for events around the holidays.
Ten-minutes walk, four-minute drive or six-dollar taxi ride.

Links to help you plan your visit to Sudbury & Northern Ontario.

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Live Music at The Town House

If you are interested in theatre

Science North or Dynamic Earth

The Best Places to Eat in Sudbury Ontario

The Sudbury Art Gallery ( a nice evening walk )

Cinefest Sudbury

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More Arts and Entertainment going on in Sudbury

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